For this Assignment, we will use MLA 7th Edition!!

BIG Picture Details:

  • alphabetical order
  • 1 inch margins
  • 12pt. Times, double spaced
  • hanging indent

  • Tiles are Capitalized
  • Main Titles: Italicize "big titles” like a book, database, Web site, magazine, newspaper title (do not underline)
  • Article titles: "small titles" like Web page, magazine article, book chapter, encyclopedia entry are in: “Quotation Marks”
  • Dates: Day Month (abbreviated) Year: 10 Dec. 2000

  • 2-3 Authors: Last, First, First Last, and First Last:
    • Smith, Sam, Ann Jones, and Max Hill.
  • 4+ Authors: first author followed by the phrase et al: If no author is given, start with the title
    • Smith, Sam, et al.
  • If no date is given, use: n.d.
  • If no Web publisher is given, use: N.p.

Citation Help

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